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KISS(drone short film)

2017.01.05 07:35

Storytelling-based Virtual Reality Content

Five sense experience based content centered on user value

Combined Educational Virtual Reality Content of Local History and Culture

■호주 blue2blue drone fest
■독일 Berlin flash film fest
"Official Selection"
■미국 LA Cine Fest
■2017드론콘텐츠어워즈 2위
부산 벡스코(2017.01.19)
■아시아웹어워즈 2017
"BEST Drone" Winner
■Southern States Indie Fan Film Fest 2017
"Best Drone" Winner
■Cinedrones International Film Festival 2017

'Viral' 카테고리의 다른 글

Z280리뷰  (0) 2018.11.10
KISS(drone short film)  (0) 2017.01.05
Posted by 실감미디어 콘텐츠 기업 더슛